Free Coins Faucets!

Free Faucets!

In order to make free daily claims for coins, it is necessary to register on the following site: CoinPot. Once you do it, you can log in every day and receive small rewards of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash.

Once you already have your account ready, you'll be able to make daily claims at all the sites I will show you below.

Links to sites with Free Faucets

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Litecoin

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Dash

Other sites for with Free Faucets

Don't you have wallets for cryptos? Create one here...

In order to store cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to have a digital wallet. So, in case you don't have any wallets to store cryptos, I will show you here some sites where you will be able to create your own digital wallets, for free.

The registration process is as simple as creating a new email account.